Top 15 Linux Tasks for Technical Round for Linux System Admin – I

  1. Create a user david with home directory name iamdavid
  2. Create a user ben which should have nologin shell
  3. Allow port 80 and 443 in Firewall public zone permanently
  4. Create a mysql user and should have only below permission
    • To create mysql user
    • Read / select access on database1 table222
  5.  Create a user faraway with remote access only from and create a db qwerty and should have full permission on it.
  6. Create group singh with gid 3777
  7. Create user jaideep and its primary group should be singh
  8. Create user navdeep and its secondary group should be singh
  9. Create a group group2020 and should have users john and cole in the group
    • Only group2020 should have complete permission on folder /home/shared
    • group2020 users can create read write files in /home/shared but cannot delete files of each other.
    • Only files owner should have permission of deleting the file he created.
  10.  Install WP on apache and create virtualhost from scratch
  11. Create a file test.txt and run below command
    • gzip test.txt
    • Now how can you find the compression type of file test.txt.gz if you didn’t know how you compressed it.
  12. What is the node number of file test.txt.gz
  13. Disable the ping permanently
  14. Disable IPv6 at boot level
  15. Install nginx and run it on 8080 port
    • Install PHP 7.3 and place a info.php page and run on nginx on localhost:8080


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